How to register a PCR test

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You will need to use your Billing Email Address and your Booking Reference for PLF Number, these can both be found on your confirmation email.

The Billing Email Address is the email that was used when the order was made, this email address must be used to verify the existing order, within the registration form will be a different section where you can enter the email you would like to receive further communication about your test on.

The Booking Reference for PLF Number can be located under the item name this is a 12 digit code starting with ‘RUKHT’ followed by 7 numbers.

Once you have noted these two bits of information, make your way to the following website: here you will be able to register your PCR test.

Below is an example of what your screen should look like before checking your order (based on the information from the screenshot above):

If you have successfully entered the correct information you will be greeted with the following message:

Please continue the form making sure to enter all details correctly, once you have entered all of your details simply click the register button located at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations you have now successfully registered your test. We will email you with an update as soon as we have received your test swab.

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