How to register an LFT test

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Please register your Rapid Antigen Test at the the following website:

You need to use your Order Number and your Antigen Certificate Reference, these can both be found on your order confirmation email.

First the order number, this can be found above the table of items that you ordered.
Clearly labelled Order #00000, please make sure to not use the # when entering it on the registration website.

The Antigen Certificate Reference can be located under the item name and is a 5 digit code which starts either with an A or a C followed by 4 numbers.
ie: A1234 or C1234

When you go onto the website you will be asked to provide your Order Number and Antigen Certificate reference, please use those numbers and press the Check Order button to begin your registration.

You can see what it should look like below:

If you are trying to register a Day 2 LFT you will also need a Booking Reference (for PLF) can be located under the number above, this is a 12 digit code starting with ‘RUKHT’ followed by 7 numbers.

When you are taking a photo of your Day 2 LFT test please make sure you include the Booking Reference in the photo an example photo can be found below:

Please note that Fit to Fly/Pre-Departure LFT tests do not require a Booking Reference or RUKHT Number.

If when you try to submit your registration it does not work please use the save my progress button located at the bottom of the page.

Please email us at with your Order Number and Antigen Certificate Reference along with a screenshot of any error messages that may be appearing or simply with your query.

Please make sure to register at the website as without it you will not be able to receive your results certificate. 

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