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Test To Release (Day 5) (Unsupervised Self Swab On-site Only)

£55.00 20 minutes

This product contains…

1 x Test to release (day 5) unsupervised self-swab on self

This is suitable for…

Early release when arriving in the UK
This is not a mandatory test

You will not be allowed to take the test or receive if you do not attend in a motor vehicle.


  1. Test release test (day 5) – This is not a government requirement, but allows you to leave quarantine earlier if taken, it will need to be taken 5 day’s after arriving in the UK.  Comprised of a simple nasal swab test with instructions. On the date of the required test follow the instruction provided in the kit. Once the lab has received the test you will get an email and/or text with your results. No certificate is needed for these results.
  2. This test will done on-site at our Brixworth facility.
  3. You must drive to the facility in a car.
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