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PCR Testing with UKHT


RT-PCR Collection

Same day results!
Use as your Pre Cruise Test
Collect from our facility

RT-PCR Fit to Fly

Travel anywhere!
Results within 12 hours
Return the test yourself

Preparing for your RT-PCR COVID test can help make the experience more comfortable for you and also ensure that your results are as accurate as possible.

Before Your RT-PCR Test

Read the PCR Test Instructions

Depending on the type of PCR test used, you may need to follow specific instructions before the test. This could include fasting for a certain amount of time, refraining from using oral care products or avoiding certain medications. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully.


Bring the Right Documentation

When you arrive for a PCR COVID test, you may need some documentation, such as your ID or insurance information. This can help ensure that your results are documented and communicated properly.


Follow Social Distancing Norms

To reduce the risk of spreading the COVID virus to other people, make sure to wear a mask and follow proper social distancing guidelines.


After Your RT-PCR Test

Continue to Practise Social Distancing Norms

After you have gotten tested and are waiting for the results, you need to still practise social distancing norms. It is important to ensure that you do not spread the virus to other people.

Monitor for Symptoms

After your test, pay close attention to how you feel and monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. This can include fever, cough, shortness of breath and more. If symptoms develop, seek immediate medical attention.

PCR or polymerase chain reaction tests are a form of diagnostic test that is commonly used to detect the presence of genetic material from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19. Simply put, they test whether you have Covid or not.

These PCR tests are considered to be the gold standard for diagnosing COVID-19 as they are incredibly accurate and can detect even small amounts of the virus.

PCR tests are important for a number of reasons. These tests are not only designed to detect the presence of a virus in your body before symptoms appear. These tests help in identifying and isolating those who are infected, which means you have a better chance of keeping the spread of the virus under control.

Moreover, PCR fit to fly tests are highly accurate, with a low rate of false negatives. This means that they are very reliable in detecting the COVID-19 virus. The accuracy of the results is essential for controlling the spread of the virus and maintaining public health measures.

Besides that, by getting tested for COVID, you are ensuring the health and safety of your loved ones and those around you. Whether you’re looking to book an RT-PCR test for travel or simply for your peace of mind, don’t delay it any further.

Book your PCR test in Northampton today!

You’ve probably heard a whole lot about PCR COVID tests, but have you ever wondered how they work? How does a PCR test detect whether you’re infected with the COVID-19 virus?

Let us tell you how.

PCR tests work by detecting the presence of genetic material from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is responsible for infecting you with COVID-19.

Once the sample is taken from your nose or throat, the swab is then transported to our laboratory where our technicians extract the genetic material. Then, through an extensive technique, this material is amplified into a larger, more detectable amount.

The technique used for amplifying the genetic material is known as reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Reverse transcription involves using a special enzyme called reverse transcriptase to convert the RNA from the virus into DNA, which can then be amplified using PCR.

Once we’re on the PCR stage, we use a machine that repeatedly heats and cools the DNA. This causes it to separate into single strands and then re-form into double strands, which is known as thermal cycling. By the end of the process, the total number of DNA copies will have increased enough to be detected and analysed.

The process takes several hours to complete and requires specialised laboratory equipment.

At UK Health Testing, we want to make RT-PCR COVID tests available for all of the UK. Whether you want to book a COVID test in Northampton or other areas, you should have access to it as quickly as possible.

We make that possible for you.

Moreover, we offer a range of different tests. From fit to fly PCR tests to LFT tests to supervised tests, we have it all. If you are an employer or part of a large organisation, we provide group bookings to suit your requirements as well.

Book now or place an order for an at-home testing kit today!


1. Understand the requirements for your travel destination

icon 1
Use the Government website to understand what category of travel you belong to
icon 1
After establishing what tests are needed navigate to the right page and select your test bundle
icon 1
Go through the booking process ensuring you fill out all the details accurately

Supervised LFT Test

icon 1
Book your online Telehealth Video Call by using the link in the confirmation email
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Attend your call and take the test under the supervision of our specialist
icon 1
Take a photo using our provided template and upload it to our Registration Portal
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Expect an email with your travel certificate within 1 hour of upload


icon 1
Open the test pack and read all instructions carefully
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Take the test by following the second set of instructions provided within the test box
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Upload a photo of your completed test cassette to our Registration Portal
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Expect your travel certificate email within 1 hour