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Rapid Antigen Testing / LFT

All of these tests are accepted by all major airlines and cruises for travel if required.


LFT Travel Certificate Only

Use your own FlowFlex LFT
Travel Certificate within 1 hour!

Non-Supervised LFT

Results in 15 minutes
Use as your Pre Cruise Test
Use as your Fit to Fly Test

Supervised Call & Certificate Only

Use your own FlowFlex LFT
With a Telehealth Video Call
Approved for all makor airlines and Cruises

Supervised LFT

With a Telehealth Video Call
Use as your Pre Cruise Test
Use as your Fit to Fly Test

Before Your RAT Test

Follow All Specified Instructions

If you are getting tested with a rapid antigen test, remember to read the instructions and follow them thoroughly. RAT tests may require you to fast for a few hours before the test, avoid certain medications or oral products and other instructions that are specific to your situation.


Stay Hydrated

Before you go for your Rapid Antigen Test, make sure you are well hydrated. If you are not properly hydrated, our technicians may find it difficult to collect the sample. Besides, you may also find the test process difficult and uncomfortable.


Follow Social Distancing Norms

Whether you are getting an antigen test for travel or for your peace of mind, make sure you follow social distancing norms. If you are carrying the virus, you are at risk of spreading it to other people who come in contact with you. That is why it is important to wear a mask that covers your mouth and your nose, especially when you visit the testing site.


Bring Relevant Documents

When you visit us for a RAT test, make sure to carry all relevant documents. This may include but is not limited to your identification, health insurance and more. These documents are required for the accurate documentation and delivery of your test results as well as for billing purposes.

RAT or Rapid Antigen Tests are a type of diagnostic test that can detect the presence of viral antigens in respiratory samples, usually from the nose and throat, simply within a few minutes. These tests were widely used at the peak of the pandemic and are still in use today.

A RAT test can tell identify whether an individual is currently infected with a specific virus. These tests can detect specific viral proteins that are present in the early stages of the infection, which means it’s right before your body starts to develop antibodies.

Rapid antigen tests are incredibly important because they are essentially a fast and easy solution to screen for viral infections. This means that if you’re taking that trip to Cannes, a fit to fly antigen test can help you detect if you have a virus.

With the way RAT tests work, it takes no time to identify individuals who are infected and need to isolate. Moreover, they do not require any special equipment or laboratory facilities. They can be administered by non-medical personnel, making them accessible even in a low-resource situation.

Book your antigen test in Northampton today!

Rapid Antigen Tests are designed to detect the presence of viral antigens specifically in respiratory samples. These samples can include nasal swabs or throat swabs. A strip of paper or a small cartridge that contains antibodies is usually used to target the specific virus.

When your respiratory sample is applied to the strip or cartridge, the antigens in the sample bind to the antibodies present on the strip or cartridge. After this, the test will then use a coloured indicator to help you detect whether there are antigens present in your sample.

For example, if the test detects the presence of antigens, a visible line will appear on your test indicating a positive result. Similarly, if there are no antigens present in the sample, no line will appear. The process usually takes up to 15 to 30 minutes.

RAT tests are specifically designed to be quick and easy to use. They do not require any additional equipment. This means that if you ever feel like you have symptoms of COVID-19, you can rely on these for a preliminary screening. However, it is important to remember that RAT tests are less sensitive than other diagnostic tests, like PCR tests.

If you have a positive RAT test result, you should follow it up with a PCR test. This is especially important for individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with an infected individual.

At UK Health Testing, we want to make healthcare and testing available to everyone. This is why we offer a range of testing kits and testing services, such as PCR tests, LFT tests, supervised tests and a lot more.

Even if you are showing mild symptoms, you need to have quick access to a testing centre that can help you immediately determine if you’re at risk. We can do that for you.

Not only that, but if you’re planning to travel and need a certificate that puts you in the all clear, we provide fit to fly antigen tests, fit to fly PCR tests and more.

Don’t hesitate. Get tested with UK Health Testing today!


1. Understand the requirements for your travel destination

icon 1
Use the Government website to understand what category of travel you belong to
icon 1
After establishing what tests are needed navigate to the right page and select your test bundle
icon 1
Go through the booking process ensuring you fill out all the details accurately

Supervised LFT Test

icon 1
Book your online Telehealth Video Call by using the link in the confirmation email
icon 1
Attend your call and take the test under the supervision of our specialist
icon 1
Take a photo using our provided template and upload it to our Registration Portal
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Expect an email with your travel certificate within 1 hour of upload


icon 1
Open the test pack and read all instructions carefully
icon 1
Take the test by following the second set of instructions provided within the test box
icon 1
Upload a photo of your completed test cassette to our Registration Portal
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Expect your travel certificate email within 1 hour